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Welcome to the Writify plugin documentation! Writify is an innovative plugin developed by WPRobo, integrating the open ChatGPT API to empower your WordPress website with dynamic content generation. This guide will walk you through the features, setup, and usage of Writify.


Writify offers a seamless way to generate diverse content like articles, WooCommerce product descriptions, self-descriptions, and more. It also includes robust logging and shortcode functionalities to enhance user interaction and admin oversight.

Features Overview

1. Custom Post Type for Records: Writify allows storing all API requests and responses in a custom post type. This feature is not only helpful for debugging but also lets admins download chats as PDFs for sharing.

2. WooCommerce Product Descriptions: Admins can generate product descriptions effortlessly for WooCommerce.

3. Article Generation: Generate multiple or single articles in one go.

4. Background Processing: Writify employs background processing to ensure smooth site performance and avoid overloading the main thread.

5. Content Customization: Admins can set the website’s type and category for generating articles tailored to specific tags or topics.

6. Self Description Shortcode: Users can generate personal descriptions via a simple form. This feature is accessible to admins from the backend as well.

7. Translation: Descriptions can be translated into any language, offering adaptability to global audiences.

8. Meta Box on Post Edit: Admins can regenerate article components (like title, tags, categories) directly from the post-edit page.

9. Bulk or Single Post Generation: Choose between generating a single post or multiple posts simultaneously.

10. Custom Post Type Support: Currently, Writify supports WooCommerce custom post types, with more integrations on the horizon.

11. Article Length Customization: Admins can specify the desired length of the generated article.

12. Upcoming Features: Stay tuned for more exciting additions to the Writify repertoire.

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